About Kate Johnson a/k/a "Kate The Connector"

My name is Kate Johnson. As someone who is passionate about connecting people to help businesses thrive, I have built my career on the foundation of networking, resulting in the nickname “Kate the Connector.”

“When I need a reliable resource to help me with my business, or a resource for one of my clients, Kate is always top on my list of people to reach out to. She literally is “Kate the Connector.” – Chris Jaeger, Chris Jaeger Consulting”

My expertise and career experience spans a variety of industries, including:

How Can I Help You?

Does your business own real estate? Do you have employees? Do you buy Workman’s Compensation insurance? Have you taken advantage of the government’s Employer Tax Credit program? Do you process over $100,000/year in credit card payments?

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Networking with like-minded professionals through strategic referrals

Networking with like-minded professionals through strategic referrals comes naturally to me, which is why I started Katetheconnector.com. Along with a broad network of local businesses that provide ongoing referrals in the community, member specialists in the following areas provide member access to their business services: affordable legal advice, HR consultation, employee benefits, marketing/SEO and IT services.

Katetheconnector is the culmination of a network of business resources, including brand exposure on our platforms, entry into a growing referral network, and access to a suite of business services to help your business thrive.

As a lifelong learner with a passion for sharing my knowledge of sales, finance, tax/employment law, and entrepreneurial ventures with other avid learners and business leaders. I have a diverse educational background, including a Liberal Arts B.A., a culinary studies education, owning my own business, a certification in paralegal studies, along with many other passions I have collected throughout my professional journey.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family – both humans and canines. I’m an Oregon native and am proud to work with local and regional businesses who love the Pacific Northwest as much as I do.

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